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The Essence Band Photos

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The Essence Band performing live. We hope you enjoy these images from this fantastic band. When it comes to Wedding Bands in NYC, the Essence Band doesn't just sound great, they look great too! We understand the importance of presentation, and that understanding shines through during all of our performances.

The ESSENCE Band Images & Reviews

The Essence Band - Eddie

Two great vocalists, (Jill and Eddie) and a powerhouse rhythm section, together with a crankin'n horn section makes this exciting high energy band one of the most amazing and incredibly versatile musical ensembles around, and brings experience and energy to all our events. We play New York City, Long Island, Westchester, New Rochelle, and North Jersey. The Essence Band by Iris Gillon and IGMC (Iris Gillon Music'n Celebrations). Band Intelligent Lighting and Ambient decorative furniture and lounges also. Event Planners available with great Wedding Packages.

IGMC Event and Wedding Lighting

We can come with full lighting packages as well. Together with The Essence band, you can include full event lighting, photography, video, limo service, and more. We can create a vip lounge with couches vip areas and incredible club and intelligent lighting as well. 
See some of our lighting and events decorations samples at The IGMC Lighting Website

A sample of our events photography can be viewed on the link listed below: Video pics are moments of high action video footage that we freeze and make into a high action photograph and then colorize and make into a unique almost painting-like artistic rendition of high action moments form your party. There is nothing like it anywhere. See events pictures of a recent birthday party that we shot and made samples of here: Karen Philips Party

Best New York Wedding Cover Bands for Weddings Receptions Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, Corporate Events Entertainment Live Musicians Music for Parties and Dances and Dancing

The Essence Band The Essence Band

The Essence Band is the Top Wedding Orchestra and the musicians within The Essence Band are amongst the most talented and high energy versatile performers on the East Coast. Great Reviews for The ESSENCE BAND! The Essence Wedding Orchestra usually plays with a three piece horn section and two up front vocalists, one female (the reknown Jill) and one male (her brother Eddie) Carmine, Jill's husband is also in the band and the entire band is made of musicians that have been on tour with the likes of Bruce Springstein, Billy Joel, The Jacksons and more. The ESSENCE BAND is the  Most Popular event band in New York City and Manhattan and Long Island Westchester New Rochelle NY NYC and North Jersey NJ Jersey Bands - IGMC does full events photography, events video and events lighting and total audio visual services. Events Coordinator. Wedding Packages.

Wedding Songs, Special Requests, First Dance & Dance Music Selections

The Essence Band - Jill - Carmine

This ESSENCE Wedding Orchestra, The Essence Band, and sometimes known as The ESSENCE ENSEMBLE (See the ESSENCE TRIO for smaller parties!) is made up of dynamite horns, rock'n vocals and really hip music and musicianship, is the number one party and rock'n dance band in the tri-state area and we're  expanding our area daily. This band is a huge hit, playing all the current popular songs like music from Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rhihanna, Pit Bull, Ceelo Green, also Bon Jovi, Journey, Bruce Springsteen, Rascal Flatts, Kelly Clarkson, Christina Agulara and more. The Essence Band by Iris Gillon and IGMC (Iris Gillon Music'n Celebrations)  Click on Reviews to see more Iris Gillon Reviews and tons of Compliments, Testimonials, News Reports, Papers, TV Shows, Documentaries and more at the main home IGMC website at http://www.igmc.net - just follow the links to the reviews page to see tons of video testimonials and letters from both social and corporate party givers that have used a number of IGMC bands and services to see how very happy IGMC customers are with live video footage RIGHT FROM THEIR EVENTS!

Other great IGMC Bands that offer a lighting package include:

 The Freedom Band

 Weddings Orchestras and the Best Bands in Manhattan are here. The most popular Weddings Orchestras and bands and live entertainers can be found at IGMC.  Weddings Orchestras that are produced and managed by Iris Gillon and IGMC are the most scrupulously selected and high end quality entertainers that can be found. The Essence Band by Iris Gillon and IGMC (Iris Gillon Music'n Celebrations) are the best that can be obtained New York Wedding Bands marketplace - and the same can be said about finding a band in New Jersey, Long Island and surrounding areas, cities and states in and around NYC.. The very best reviews about The Essence Band are all online and many of them can be read at the ESSENCE Blog! Click here to contact this amazing Long Island New York Wedding Band for your next NYC Event.

IGMC Events provides decoration services and full technical abilities as well as full audio/visual services and events photography and video, ambient and intelligent lighting can come packages together with The ESSENCE Band making all five items less expensive because with the package, we cut an extreme deal. We come with full decorative ambient and intelligent lighting packages.

Events Planner Iris Gillon Music'n Celebrations LLC dba IGMC and Iris Gillon's Wedding Packages are the best choice for your next event.

The Most Affordable Wedding Bands in Manhattan, Long Island & New Jersey


The most affordable, high quality New York Wedding Bands can be found with Iris Gillon at IGMC - Iris Gillon Music'n Celebrations LLC. To learn a little bit about Iris Gillon's artistic background you can visit her art website that features her paintings, drawings and works of art and is only about her passion for colors combinations and the quest for fabulosity. Iris Gillon will hold your hand and help you select all the right music and right musicians for your event and while she does this she will share her passion for fun, for celebration, for exciting and dramatic decor themes, for wonderful and colorful lighting. She will share great ideas about cutting custs and making things affordable to you in the most caring and sophisticated way. Iris Gillon will make you feel pampered and cared for. Your event results will speak of the dedication and devotion that Iris Gillon and IGMC have added to your happiness and joyful celebration. The Essence Band by Iris Gillon and IGMC (Iris Gillon Music'n Celebrations) is your best resource and opportunity to get the top talent playing all the top hits, as well as oldies from 1920s -  all the way till today. It is always great at weddings to have the most crowd-pleasing music possible, and IGMC features only the best bands around. The best and most popular of these band is The ESSENCE Band by far.


Rock Music, R & B, Funk, Motown & Soul
New York Wedding Orchestras and Bands

As you can see by the links here to some of our live wedding reception performances, we are the hottest band around for sure! We have hundreds of performances live all over the country before guests and peoples of all races, all faiths and all nationalities.
We have so many live recordings and videos on YouTube of our performances and also so many live testimonials of our work we hope you are happy with our presentation and our performances!
New York City and Manhattan and Long Island Westchester New Rochelle NY NYC and North Jersey NJ Jersey Bands YES! From 1940 till today, all styles of music covered. The ESSENCE Band best style, however, of-course is the Rock style from 1950 till today and their really good versions of all eras of Soul R&B Funk Disco Hustle Jazz and Rhythm and Blues.
The incredible performances of The ESSENCE Band are the most energetic musicians and performers and live entertainers and entertainment that can be obtained in the New Jersey area or anywhere around or near to Pennsylvania PA and especially in demand in the Philidelphia Country Clubs and high end events.


The Essence Band Cover

The VERY BEST in New Jersey Wedding Music NJ and the ultimate in Live Band Entertainment and orchestras for weddings and bands for wedding receptions and ceremony music and wedding song selection. Best Wedding Singers and Wedding Musicians and events entertainment live music ever!Music for your event is a very important part of your event. If you pick the right music and the right musicians, your party will soar. If you go with The ESSENCE Band and with Iris Gillon and IGMC - Iris Gillon Music'n Celebrations, you will reap the rewards of having selected the best of the best,the most popular and the most wonderful band of all times. You can review our song list to see some great New York Wedding Music for your next party or NY event.

Though they travel all over the US, The ESSENCE Band members reside in and around Manhattan, Long Island and Northern New Jersey  - The Essence Band by Iris Gillon and IGMC (Iris Gillon Music'n Celebrations)


The Essence Band

We have lots of video footage of The ESSENCE Band in action with Jill coming out onto the dance floor with her cordless microphone and engaging the party guests while on the dance floor in memorable singing and dancing fun times. The Iris Gillon Reviews , IGMC Reviews, Iris Gillon Music'n Celebrations Reviews and testimonials videos will show and tell all by revealing live footage actually shot while events are in progress with guests going wild over both the ESSENCE Band and all the IGMC services that they experienced - so if you are interested please click on this link and see for yourself what people are saying about The ESSENCE Band and about Iris Gillon Music'n Celebrations LLC dba IGMC and IGMC Events, IGMC Events Management and Wedding Packages - at this party that you see clips of at the party live, you can see for yourself the wonderful lighting package that was included with the band.

Top Wedding and Long Island NY Events Entertainment Orchestras by IGMC

The Essence Band

The Essence Band (Orchestra) has a lot to offer you for your NY City wedding. Here you will see a variety of photos taken of The Essence Band by Iris Gillon and IGMC (Iris Gillon Music'n Celebrations). The Essence Band is one of the top booking wedding and corporate event bands in the New York City (NYC) and New Jersey (NJ) area. The testimonials and rave reviews about this band are unrivaled by any band in the tri-state area. This band also performs in and around all the NYC Buroughs including: Long Island, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan (of course!) Brooklyn and the Bronx. Our regular performance areas also include Connecticut, Massachusetts, the Hamptons, both shores, the Long Island Sound and we travel out of state as well specializing in political fundraisers in Washington DC, celebrity events in Dallas Texas, summertime deluxe bashes in Miami and Palm Beach Florida, big company events in Chicago and more.

Top Musicians from the NYC and NJ area

The Essence Band

The ESSENCE Band hits #1 on the charts of the TOP TEN New Jersey Wedding Bands and NJ Northern, Southern Jersey and to the west and to the east and all over all the way to Pennsylvania PA and Philadelphia, New Jersey Wedding Bands in and around NJ area, PA and Pennsylvania are all standing in line watching. 


We perform, as you can see, an incredibly wide style of musical genres of all kinds. We are extremely versatile in every way imaginable so keep clicking on our links with our songs to let us know what you think and please, feel free to send Iris an email with your thoughts and to contribute to our blog and add your voice to our celebrations!
All the members of the Essence Band have performed in the Billy Joel's Movin' out on Broadway and both Eddie and Jill can sing standards and ballads and love songs from all eras including Itallian Opera and The Top Broadway Hits. 
The best event bands are all produced and managed by Iris Gillon and IGMC - Iris is the only one with a Master's Degree from the Juilliard School of music and she is also a composer and a record producer, a sound engineer and a consummate artist on every level that is possible with a very high degree of integrity, passion and love for the arts - Iris Gillon Music'n Celebrations LLC is a company that is built on the love of great works, the love of fabulous music, and a passion for being the best that is humanly possible. The Essence Band promoted by Iris Gillon and IGMC have taken over New York City  with the same intensity as the spread of a wild fire.

Places The Essence Band has performed live Weddings & Events

Long Island Wedding Band Music by Essence

A list of places where The ESSENCE Band has performed together with the IGMC Lighting and video/photo servicesNew York City and Manhattan featuring events at the Harvard Club, The Pierre Hotel, The Plaza Hotel, The Essex House Hotel, The New York Palace Hotel, The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, The Metropolitan Club, The Yale Club, The Harmonie Club, The Roosevelt Hotel, The Marriott Marquis Hotel, The NY Hilton Hotel, The Ritz Carlton Hotel and at Embassy Suites Hotel, the W-Hotels, and at The Lightouse at Pier 60 by Abigail Kirsch, at 583 Park Avenue, at Guastavinos, at Cipriani Wall Street, at Cipriani's 42nd Street, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, at the Waldorf Astoria, at Bridgewaters by the Glazier Group, at Gotham Hall Events, at Espace and Capitaleny.com and more. The ESSENCE Band has performed together with the IGMC Lighting and VIdeo / Photo Services with video pics in all the top Long Island Events facilities such as Oheka Castle, The Carlton, Terrace on the Park, The Milleridge Inn, all the fancy wineries, the beautiful places on the beaches in the Hamptons, and in all the private country clubs as well. In Westchester New Rochelle we have performed in all the beach clubs such as The Surf Club, The Greentree Club, The VIP Club, The Glenn Island Club and more along that entire beach area. In NY NYC and North Jersey NJ Jersey we have performed at Maritime Parc, at Waterside, at The Palisadium, we have performed at the Skylands Manor, the Mezzanine, the Rockleigh Country Club,and at all the fancy golf clubs as well. In the New Jersey Bands supply, there aren't any bands that top the expertise, talent, style, energy, fun and fabulosity of this wonderful and truly spectacular group of musicians. We can also decorate your room too with ambient lighting, intelligent lighting, we come with a professional sound system and PA as well. Wedding Planning is best when combining numerous elements all controlled by one expert adviser and party manager and Wedding Packages - you will get the best bang for your investment if one vendor packages a number of items together, they are more likely to cut you a great deal by giving you a discount by putting multiple elements together.

Event Planning & Wedding Packages

The Essence Band - Eddie - Jill

The Solo Vocalists of the Essence Band - Jill and Eddie are a very special team of singers!

Event Planning and Wedding Packages that include The Essence Band and IGMC's special lighting and photo video services can make your event exceed your wildest expectations in the most profound and exciting way. The ESSENCE Band performs at private parties together with our decorations, themes, intelligent lighting and photo/video services to great success! Our services fit very well also for fundraisers, corporate galas, holiday events, bar mitzvahs, weddings, parties of all kinds and more. The Essence Band and IGMC Photo/Video/Audio/Visual together, we do it all! This event band is built on a foundation of fabulously talented musicians, that are great entertainers as well.  The Essence Band combined with our IGMC video pics, our photo/video/audio/visual services by IGMC are your perfect choice for any type of event you might be putting together and our impressive samples of our work can be seen at IGMC's Event Lighting Website  for our lighting and decorations samples and for our IGMC video pics see here Party Photo Samples


The Essence Band - Jill The Essence Band - Jill The Essence Band - Jill

IGMC provides Performing Musicians Live Bands in areas like Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, New Rochelle, Westchester, and all over upstate New York into the Catskills and Hunter Mountain and more.  Wedding Video. Events Photography, Events Video. Events Lighting. Events Intelligent Lighting. Ambient lighting, furniture and full event planning as well. Wedding Planning. Wedding Packages.


The Essence Band Ballads The Essence Band Ballads

We welcome you to submit a review, your comments or ideas to us on our ESSENCE Band blog and helps us to create our own spectacular forum! At our events, both Jill and Eddie are cordless and come out into the crowd at the same time as singing and moving, and they both dance and sing and party with the guests while everyone is on the dance floor, and it is quite an exciting experience for all guests at any and all events at which The Essence Band performs!


The Essence Band Performs Live


The Essence Band Horns

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